Ultra-trail® Lemkowyna


3rd edition



12 OCTOBER 2019

150 KM
5860 M+






All courses run along the Main Beskid Trail (500km long touristic trail). Courses are based in Beskid Niski mountain range, south-east of Poland. Local culture, mainly Łemko nation heritage is great inspiration for the event. Runners can admire wooden churches from XVIII/XIX century or I World War cemeteries on misty peak after steep uphill.

The race is strongly associated with Autumn. Its weather with rain, fogs and mud composes unique atmosphere. With diversified landscapes, based on gold autumn, each runner can discover exceptional land.

The trails are wild with minimum infrastructure. Moderate elevation gain with a lot of short, but sometimes steep uphills and downhills. The land is mainly forest, with some windy open spaces giving great landscapes from time to time. The main surface is clay and mud with some rocks and grass fields.

Usual temperatures during the race (mid-October) is 5-12 °C degree during the day and -5 to 5 °C during the night. Unpredictable weather enforces runners to be prepared for each conditions. On the longest course runners can feel rain with wind at the night to be struck on the morning by beautiful sunrise on meadow.

With help of familiar volunteers Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® can be fantastic adventure and possibility to discover admirable region of Poland.



150 km