Ultra-Trail® Ning Hai – The Discovery race in China

The Ultra-Trail® Ninghaï started on October 14th at the West Gate of Ninghai County (China), and ended on October 15th in Qianxi Villa.

There were 1273 participants in all in this year’s event, among whom 504 in the 100KM race, including 412 male runners and 92 female runners.



The Ultra Trail Ninghai

256 finishers out of 504 starters, making a 50.79% completion rate



1 – Min Qi (11:49:25)
2- Guomin Deng (12:10:03)
3- Yongquan Dan (13:07:19)




1- Minfei Dong (15:10:27)
2- Xue Chen (16:32:37)
3- Wenfei Xie (16:47:37)



It started to sprinkle shortly after the start of the race, and then it turned into a moderate rain. Heavy rainfall was forecasted on October 15. The course was wet and slippery due to the continuous rain. As a result, some course sections were more difficult to run and the risks increased. In consideration of the security of the competitors, the race committee decided to delay he cut-off time of the race to 00:30 a.m., October 15th, after prudently evaluating the situation. In addition, after the race, the race committee will reapply for ITRA points in line with the checkpoint distances for all competitors who arrived at CP7 Baixi Reservoir and CP8 Shanyang before the checkpoint cut-off time. The competitors who didn’t pick up medals or finisher waistcoats on spot will get informed by email of the express matter regarding medals and waistcoats.

The persistent rain not only brought serious challenge to the race competitors, but also put much pressure on the volunteers, including volunteers at all CPs and SPs, at the start and finish location, and those from the race rescue team and race course team, who came from Ninghai Running Club, iRanshao, Bitch Running Club, Tongji University, Fei Lang Rescue Team, Wuxi Crazy Snail, Jiading Running Club, You Look So Delicious, Ninghai Night Run Club and all parts of the country.

Without the support and help of Ninghai County Government or Ninghai Sports Bureau, the race would not have taken place as per schedule. Thanks to all the towns along the course for their meticulous preparation for the race to ensure the security of our participants.

Undoubtedly, this is a hard race. The development of the race relies on every race runner’s support. Your participation and suggestions will aid in its improvement.



Race Photos

From now on the race photos are available for query at Skyview’s official brand website http://www.skyviewsport.com. You can also browse the race photos by following SkyviewSport’s official Wechat account and hitting ‘UTNH信息’(Information regarding UTNH ) – ‘照片查询’ (Photo Query).

Thanks again for your participation. See you in 2018!

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