Ultra-Trail® World Tour Awards Ceremony 2014

Ultra-Trail® World Tour Awards Ceremony 2014

Paris to host the Ultra-Trail® World Tour Awards Ceremony 2014


The Awards Ceremony for the titles of Male and Female Champion of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour  2014 will be held in Paris in the presence of the two champions and other athletes who took part in the first season of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour.


It hasn’t been decided yet who will take out the desirable trophies in the end. The global trail-community will have to wait until the last minute for a final decision at the thrilling race on La Réunion (La Diagonale des Fous).


The current rankings of the UTWT are available here.


The event will take place on wednesday, 19th November 2014 at 6pm at the Forum des Images

For directions: 2 rue du Cinéma, 75 001 Paris. More information will be available shortly.


We hope to see you there!

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