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27/08/2016 UTMB 2016 UTMB CHAMONIX ARRIVAL Caroline CHAVEROT (FRA) takes 1st place © UTMB¨ - photo : Pascal Tournaire

Caroline CHAVEROT (FRA) takes 1st place at UTMB
© UTMB¨ – photo : Pascal Tournaire

– Where are you from Caroline? 
I was born in Geneva but I have been living in France since I was 19 years old. I am French and Swiss.

– What is your main activity?
I am a geography and history teacher in a high school in the center of Geneva.

– Did you do other sports before trail running?
I have done a lot of outdoors sports, 9 years of competition in kayaking, then a lot of climbing; currently I love mountain and cross-country skiing that I do everytime I can.

– What is your favorite training ground ?
What I like the most is discovering new trails, new mountains. I love steep and technical trails. On a day-to-day basis, I train a lot in Salève, where the trails are perfectly technical!

– Your strong point in trail running? 
My mind and an ability to suffer for a long period of time. I have a great physical endurance too.

– The point you would like to improve? 
Everything!! My speed is not perfect, ascent MAS and I think I could be better in descents.

– Your greatest memory of the season?
I succeeded in all the races I took part to so I have a lot of good moments in mind. The finish of the UTMB was an unforgettable moment, which still gives me goosebumps today. I had the greatest pleasure during MIUT though.

– What does this title mean to you?
The UTWT is a consecration for me. It is awesome!

– Your objective for the next seasons?
I am going to compete for UTWT again. UTMB will be my big objective.


Gediminas GRINIUS



Gediminas Grinius takes 3rd place at Vibram Hong Kong 100

Gediminas Grinius takes 3rd place at Vibram Hong Kong 100

– Where are you from Gediminas?
I come from Lithuania!

– What is your main activity?
I am a military, employed by Lithuanian ministry of defence, I work as an analyst for Lithuanian forces at NATO.

– Did you do other sports before trail running?
I did other sports, which have nothing to do with endurance sports. Like judo, boxing and other martial arts. In 2003, I did military pentathlon, which was my first running experience (a 8km part). This is the sport I invested more seriously.

– Since when have you been trail running?
The first time was in 2009 in Serre Chevalier for IAU World Championships but it was just a trial. I really started in 2013 when I moved to Poland and I found more time to train in mountains.

– What is your favorite training ground?
I do not have a specific training place. I regularly train in Lithuania, which is a flat country, more precisely around Vilnius, the capital. I often train in French Alps, German Alps, moutains near Barcelona. There is no difference for me, I enjoy every training.

– Your strong point in trail running?
I consider myself patient. In ultra endurance, particularly on UTWT races, the more you are patient, better are your results at the end.

– The point you would like to improve?
I would like to live near mountains and improve my running method in technical descents. I would also like to improve my power hiking. Most of the runners use this technique while I need to run to keep up the pace.
To improve these 2 qualities, I would need mountains, this is why I would like to move closer to this playground.

– Your best moment of the season?
My 2nd place at UTMB. I was hoping a TOP5 but being able to win or finish 2nd is huge. When I finished, I was as happy as if I had won.

– What does the UTWT title mean for you?
It means a lot to me, but also to people in Lithuania because the country does not have mountains. Being crowned in ultra endurance events, most of them being in mountains, this is huge. A lot of people could learn from that. Even if you do not have perfect conditions or perfect training, if you dream and if you are patient, you can achieve a lot. I tried to win in 2014 for my first season but I was patient. 3rd the first year, 2nd last year and winner this year, this is incredible!

– Your objective for next seasons?
The plan does not depend only on my will, but also on my finances. I would like to do 2 or 3 different races to discover new destinations and new mountains. Maybe I will not battle for the title in 2017. In 2018 I will dedicate myself to a record set by Kilian Jornet in 2009. In 2019 I will do the Grand Slam (4 100 mile races in the USA), where I want to improve Ian Sharman’s time.


Thanks to Caroline and Gediminas for their answers.

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