Vibram® Hong Kong 100 (Full Results) + Tarawera Ultramarathon up next!


The full results of the 2015 Vibram® Hong Kong 100 are now available HERE!

By wining the first event of this season Long-Fei Yan & Pui-Yan Chow have also taken the leading positions in the overall UTWT ranking for 2015.



But this may change again very soon!


Because the Tarawera Ultramarathon in New Zealand is up next and it promises a great line-up of fast runners.

Check out the official athlete guide to get all information necessary incl. a list of the elites who will battle for the next podium.




Last year’s winner Sage Canaday will not be present again. But trail weapons like Dylan Bowman (USA), Pau Bartoló Roca (ESP), Yun Yanqiao (CHN) or Vajin Armstrong (NZL) will surely make this an exciting event.



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