Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra-Trail® Race 2014

The first stage of the 2014 Ultra-Trail® World Tour took place on January 18-19th 2014 in Hong-Kong, in the «special administrative region of Hong-Kong of the People’s Republic of China ». More exactly in the “New Territories”, which is the area, on the Chinese continent, facing the Island of Hong-Kong. 

It is the Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra-Trail® Race which opened the new international circuit, which contains the 10 most mythical Ultra-Trail® races. The participants this year, its third, benefited from perfect weather conditions: bright sunshine and very clement temperatures.

The race offered the chance to admire the fine sand at the end of Sai Kung, the hills of the New Territories, and a breath taking view of the Hong-Kong and Kowloon skylines from the overhanging summits.

The organisation, once again, was perfect, motivated by the passion of the two race directors Steve Brammar and Janet Ng.

The volunteers were really enthusiastic and warmly welcomed the runners at the different control posts.
The PC3 was in particular animated by the association “Blind Sports Hong Kong “, which helps partially-sighted persons to participate in sports events.
It is also worth noting the “Food Angel” initiative, which was created to avoid the wastage of foodstuffs at the various checkpoints. 


All the finishers on the finishing line were given their visa to stick in their Ultra-Trail® World Tour passport. The #UTWT circuit is already underway for with both pros and amateur and looks as if  this its first year (2014) will be memorable, and very lively on the competitive side. On the side of the elites, the departure was extremely fast, as usual, the first ones crossing CP1 (11 km) after only 50 minutes.


But the Vibram Hong Kong 100 is a race in two parts. After the first part which is undulating, the second part is much steeper.

Dave MacKey held first place until CP7 (73 Km), but it was Vlad Ixel and Tirtha Bahadur Tamang who arrived first at CP8 (83 Km), closely followed by Bed Bahadur Sunawar.

After the exit of CP8, Tirtha Bahadur Tamang had the advantage on Vlad Ixel, and stayed in the lead until the finishing line. Bed Bahadur Sunawar didn’t pass Vlad Ixel who, at Tai Mo Shan (957m), took the second place. It was there that Scott Hawker also accelerated hard, to arrive third ahead of Vajin Armstrong.

For the women, the abandonment of Lizzy Hawker and Claire Price, and the cramps which handicapped Nurea Martinez , the field was left open for Francesca Canepa, who took the victory more than 30 minutes ahead of Chow Pui Yan, and 55 minutes ahead of Lo Ching Ling.


Next rendezvous: March 1st & 2nd for the The North Face® Transgrancanaria.


Results #UTWT men:


1. Tirtha Bahadur Tamang (Nepal) – 10:02:04

2. Bed Bahadur Sunuwar (Nepal) – 10:06:37

3. Vlad Ixel (Australia) – 10:11:53

4. Vajin Armstrong (MacPac/New Zealand) – 10:18:29

5. Scott Hawker (Hoka One One/New Zealand) – 10:18:56

6. Ram Bhandari (Columbia Hong Kong/Nepal) – 10:19:35 

7. Shunsuke Okunomiya (Montrail-Mountain Hardwear/Japan) – 10:28:45 

8. Dave Mackey (Hoka One One/USA) – 10:36:46

9. Tsang Siu Keung (Champion System-The North Face/Hong Kong) – 10:40:08

10. Jez Bragg (The North Face/Great Britain) – 10:58:39



Results #UTWT women: 


1. Francesca Canepa (Vibram-Montura/Italy) – 12:59:19

2. Chow Pui Yan (Hong Kong) – 13:32:48

3. Lo Ching Ling (Hong Kong) – 13:55:34

4. Nerea Martinez (Salomon/Spain) – 14:30:16

5. Mathilde Heaton (France) – 14:43:21

6. Rachel Jacqueline (2xU/Australia) – 14:44:19

7. Leung Wan Yee (Hong Kong) – 14:53:58

8. Nora Senn (Escapade Sports/Switzerland) – 15:06:39

9. Chan Man Ha (Hong Kong) – 15:23:51

10. Charlotte Luck (Great Britain) – 15:26:06

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