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Press release
  March 5,2020
D-1 before the first European race of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour

After Hong-Kong and New Zealand, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour arrives in Gran Canaria, Spain, for a stage that promises to be exciting. In six editions in the UTWT, the Transgrancanaria (UTWT 1500) has become one of the most eagerly awaited events on the circuit. Every year, the best athletes of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour compete in the Iberian event. The favorites will have 128 km and 7,500 metres of elevation gain to triumph and shine on this particularly coveted stage of the circuit and win 1,500 points. The route crosses the island from north to south, passing through its volcanic heart, before reaching the finish line at the edge of the ocean. After three consecutive victories, the leader of the UTWT ranking Pau Capell will be back on the starting line to try to become the most successful runner of the event. He will be joined by some serious contenders, including Americans Jared Hazen and Dylan Bowman and China's Peiquan You, recent winner of the Vibram® Hong Kong 100. On the women's side, Sweden's Mimmi Kokta is the favourite according to the ITRA rankings, but she will have to compete with some prominent athletes such as France's Audrey Tanguy, the American Kaytlyn Gerbin, second last year, and China's Fuzhao Xiang, also winner of the first stage of the circuit in Asia. The race will be thrilling and it is to be followed on the l'Ultra-Trail® World Tour.

Favorites (128k)

Mimmi Kokta (SE, 788 ITRA index performance)
Azaria Garcia (ES, 786 ITRA index performance)
Fuzhao Xiang (CN, 776 ITRA index performance)
Kaci Lickteig (USA, 767 ITRA index performance)
Audrey Tanguy (FR, 762 ITRA index performance)

Pau Capell (ES, 928 ITRA index performance)
Jared Hazen (USA, 919 ITRA index performance)
Dylan Bowman (USA, 901 ITRA index performance)
Pablo villa (ES, 894 ITRA index performance)
Peiquan You (CN, 890 ITRA index performance)

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UTWT Awards

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The race will start on Friday at 23:00. The first runners are expected around 11am on the finish line at the Maspalomas lighthouse. The event record is held by Pau Capell in 12:42 (2018) and Magdalena Laczak in 15:18 (2018). The first woman and the first man will earn 1500 points in the UTWT rankings, like the winners of Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®, Ultra-Trail® Australia, La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra-Trail, Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and CCC®. Follow the highlights of the race on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


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RACES UTWT 2020 (race/country/points/date)
Download the UTWT 2020 map ici
1 Vibram® Hong-Kong 100/Hong-Kong/UTWT 1500/17.01.2020
2 Tarawera Ultramarathon/New Zealand/UTWT 1000/08.02.2020
3 Transgrancanaria HG/Spain/UTWT 1500/04.03.2020
4 Patagonia Run/Argentina/UTWT 500/04.04.2020
5 100 Miles of Istria/Croatia/UTWT 1000/17.04.2020
6 Penyagolosa Trails HG/Spain/UTWT 1000/18.04.2020
7 Ultra-Trail® Mount Fuji/Japan/UTWT 1000/24.04.2020
8 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®/Portugal/UTWT 1500/25.04.2020
9 Whalers' Great Route Ultra-Trail/Portugal/UTWT 500/08.05.2020
10 Ultra-Trail® Australia/Australia/UTWT 1500/16.05.2020
11 VVX Volvic-Volcanic Experience/France/UTWT 500/22.05.2020
12 mozart100®/Austria/UTWT 1000/20.06.2020
13 La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail/Italy/UTWT 1500/26.06.2020
14 Western State®100-Mile Endurance Run /USA/UTWT 1500/27.06.2020
15 Val d'Aran by UTMB®/Spain/UTWT 500/03.07.2020
16 Eiger Ultra-Trail®/Switzerland/UTWT 1000/19.07.2020
17 Golden Ring Ultra-Trail®/Russia/UTWT 500/19.07.2020
18 TDS® (UTMB® Mont-Blanc)/France-Italy/UTWT 1000/26.08.2020
19 UTMB® (UTMB® Mont-Blanc)/France-Italy-Switzerland/UTWT 2000/28.08.2020
20 CCC® (UTMB® Mont-Blanc)/France-Italy-Switzerland/UTWT 1500/28.08.2020
21 Harricana Ultra-Trail®/Canada/UTWT 500/13.09.2020
22 Trans Jeju/Korea/UTWT 500/10.10.2020
23 Ultra-Trail® Ninghai/China/UTWT 500/17.10.2020
24 Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®/Turkey/UTWT 1000/17.10.2020
25 Javelina Jundred/USA/UTWT 500/31.10.2020
26 Ultra-Trail® Cape Town/South Africa/UTWT 1000/28.11.2020
27 Oman by UTMB®/Sultanate of Oman/UTWT 500/03.12.2020
28 Gaoligong by UTMB®/China/UTWT 1000/18.12.2020

Note to editors:
Since its beginnings in 2014 the Ultra-Trail® World Tour has gradually expanded to include the most iconic and prestigious ultra-endurance trail running races around the world. From 10 events in 2014 the Ultra-Trail® World Tour now features 28 events from 20 countries and 6 continents. The original roster – which included races held in Hong-Kong, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Italy, USA, France and Switzerland – has now been joined by events in Croatia, Portugal, Austria, Canada, South Korea, China, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina and Oman

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