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Press Release
July 2nd, 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest update

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world of sport on a global scale, we are now beginning to see certain measures easing and are looking forward to when trail-running can resume once again. We bring you the latest update regarding the upcoming events of the ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR 2020 circuit:

- Golden Ring Ultra-Trail®, in Russia, originally scheduled for the 19th July, is maintained

- TDS® originally scheduled for the 25th August, has been cancelled

- CCC® originally scheduled for the 28th August, has been cancelled.

- UTMB® originally scheduled for the 28th August, has been cancelled

- Harricana Ultra-Trail® in Canada originally scheduled for the 13th September, is maintained.

- The Ninghai Ultra-Trail®, in China originally scheduled for the 17th October, is maintained.

- Oman by UTMB® originally scheduled for the 3rd December, is cancelled.

In other news, there will be no sports championship for 2020
In light of this global health crisis that continues to evolve, ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR has, in consultation with the Race Director Council, made the decision not to award a championship title in 2020. The sporting competition as embodied by the ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR, which brings together the most emblematic and prestigious long-distance trail running races in the world, cannot take place as usual in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, for the following reasons:

The cancellation of 13 events since the pandemic
Since the beginning of the year, only 3 races out of the 28 originally planned on the ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR 2020 calendar have taken place: Vibram® Hong Kong 100, Tarawera Ultramarathon and Transgrancanaria HG.
With the emergence and evolution of the pandemic, 13 events have been cancelled in line with the governmental guidance in each country, and in respect of the health and safety of all those involved. This includes of course the UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2020, considered the global pinnacle of trail-running, of which three races form part of the UTWT circuit (the UTMB®, CCC® and TDS®).

"As for all other sports communities, the Covid-19 crisis has altered the 2020 season of the Ultra-trail® World Tour in a way that has not been seen before," says Marie Sammons.

Upholding fairness among the athletes
Taking part in one or more races on the ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR circuit requires specific training and many hours of preparation. Many countries have been and continue to be in lockdown, meaning that trail enthusiasts from all over the world have not been able to train in adequate conditions.
Furthermore, with government measures and travel restrictions currently in place, not all runners will be able to travel to the various events which are set to go ahead later this year, which would not allow a fair ranking between the athletes.

The circuit will resume again in 2020
Despite the fact that the sports championship will not take place in 2020, the ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR circuit is set to resume again later this year with races that will go ahead as planned or that have been postponed. The ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR stands behind these race organisers who will have to adapt their events in accordance to the ongoing health context, putting in place the necessary precautions to limit the risks for participants, volunteers and everyone else involved. The ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR will also continue to help elite athletes who wish to compete in one of the events on the 2020 circuit, by making it easier for them to travel.

While of course it is a shame for the 2020 calendar not to go ahead fully as planned, this is an unprecedented situation we are facing, and the events on the circuit to date have responded accordingly and as responsibly as possible. We thank you for the great strength of solidarity that has been shown across the global UTWT community during this time, and now look ahead to the calendar resuming its course soon. The ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR team wishes to take this opportunity to express again its full support to all the race organizers, athletes and the trail-running family at large, who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in one way or another.

Twelve events which are still planning to be held in 2020
Golden Ring Ultra-Trail®/Russia/UTWT 500/19.07.2020
Ultra-Trail Harricana™/Canada/UTWT 500/11.09.2020
100 Miles of Istria/Croatia/UTWT 1000/24.09.2020
Trans Jeju/Korea/UTWT 500/10.10.2020
Penyagolosa Trails HG/Spain/UTWT 1000/16.10.2020
Ultra-Trail® Ninghai/China/UTWT 500/17.10.2020
Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®/Turkey/UTWT 1000/17.10.2020
Ultra-Trail® Australia/Australia/UTWT 1500/22.10.2020
Javelina Jundred/USA/UTWT 500/31.10.2020
Patagonia Run/ Argentine/ UTWT 500/ 27.11.2020
Ultra-Trail® Cape Town/South Africa/UTWT 1000/28.11.2020
Gaoligong by UTMB®/China/UTWT 500/18.12.2020


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