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Press release
  July 17,2020
Ultra-Trail® World Tour: Meeting again in Russia

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour is pleased to announce that the races of the 2020 Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit are starting again on July 19th in Suzdal, Russia, where the Golden Ring Ultra-Trail® will take place. All necessary sanitary measures will be put in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable event.

The Golden Ring Ultra-Trail® is held in the heart of Russia, in the town of Suzdal. Founded in the 11th century, Suzdal is one of the oldest towns in Russia and home to more than 300 unique historical sites and monuments from ancient Russia, including several that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Awarded federally protected status in 1967 and surrounded by expansive forests and fields, Suzdal offers visitors a chance to travel back in time. Set against this breathtaking landscape across which a millennium's-worth of history has unfolded, the Golden Ring Ultra-Trail® is designed for runners who yearn for new adventures, discovering untapped strength within themselves, and finding total freedom in the outdoors.

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A wide variety of distances is offered, participants can test themselves with the City Run T10, experienced amateurs can push themselves with the T30, T50 and T80. And finally, extreme ultramarathoners can set new challenges for themselves in the T100. The races (T100 - T80) will start on Sunday at 05:00 AM on July 19, follow by the 50k at 06:00 AM. The start and finish will be held in Suzdal. Follow the highlights of the race on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


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Note to editors:
Since its beginnings in 2014 the Ultra-Trail® World Tour has gradually expanded to include the most iconic and prestigious ultra-endurance trail running races around the world. From 10 events in 2014 the Ultra-Trail® World Tour now features 28 events from 20 countries and 6 continents. The original roster – which included races held in Hong-Kong, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Italy, USA, France and Switzerland – has now been joined by events in Croatia, Portugal, Austria, Canada, South Korea, China, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina and Oman
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