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Press release
  Friday 16th October 2020
The Ultra-Trail® World Tour continues its course in Asia

Following the Ultra-Trail Harricana TM which took place last month in Canada, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour makes its next stop this weekend in China. Despite the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour continues its course in those countries where the events have been given the all clear by their respective governing bodies. China, the first country to be affected by COVID-19, is also among the first to resume its outdoor events. The Ultra-Trail® Ninghai, one of the major trail races in the country, marks the sixth destination on the truncated Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2020 calendar, with the organisers having received the green light from the authorities. The team behind the event are accordingly doing everything they can to guarantee the health and safety of the athletes taking part, who this year will not include any international runners. It will be the 8th edition of the race and is already set to be an unparalleled occasion, given the ongoing international health context and as one of the very few races authorised to take place. Although there will only be Chinese runners taking part, this return of outdoor sporting events in Asia represents a truly positive development for the global trail running family, and a show of resilience both for the sporting community and for the local area: a neighbouring district of Shanghai with a population of 570,000 inhabitants.

This year, due to the health restrictions in place in China, the race will welcome 435 runners from 17th to 18th October. These athletes will set off on the route that has made the event famous: 108km long and with 5100m of elevation gain, the route crosses the Ninghai Trail, the largest network of hiking trails in China. What makes the race unique is its high proportion of footpaths that favour the most tenacious runners on the flat sections. That said, the route also includes 4 summits to reckon with in order to complete the race, which cross bamboo forests, lakes and rivers. The top tier among the athletes will finish the race in about 10 hours, whereas the majority of runners will take around 26 hours to reach the city of Ninghai, where the finish line and its magnificent fortress awaits.

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Launched in 2012, the Ultra-Trail® Ninghai is first and foremost a race for experienced athletes and local runners experienced in trail running. Internationally renowned for the quality of its route and natural surroundings, and the amenities offered to runners, the race takes place in the heart of the Ninghai nature reserve, a scope of mountains and protected trees such as the Chinese yew, but also of animal species, such as the Tibetan macaque and the clouded leopard. A rich and protected environment that starts at the foot of the Azalea mountain in Ninghai, a "small town" located south of the Blue River - one of the most prominent in the country - which flows into the bay of Shanghai. Starting in the city’s schoolyard, and with three distances on offer (108, 55 and 27km), the Ultra-Trail® Ninghai is historically the first Ultra-Trail® World Tour event in mainland China. A status that recognizes the high quality of the organisation and services offered to the participants, whether that’s medical assistance, help with transport, the geographical tracking available, or indeed the hospitality shown in welcoming the elite athletes.

The local elite athletes taking part:
Ultra-Trail® Ninghai – Male
Peiquan You, ITRA 890
Longfei Yan, ITRA 889
Min Qi, ITRA 895
Canhua Luo, ITRA 877
Ji Duo, ITRA 867
Jing Liang, ITRA 866
Jiaju Zhao, ITRA 860
Guomin Deng, ITRA 851
Zhaojiang Chen, ITRA 820
Bin Xie, ITRA 814

Ultra-Trail® Ninghai - Female
Fuzhao Xiang, ITRA 776
Meiling Xu, ITRA 692
Shangwei Wu, ITRA 678
Wenfei Xie, ITRA 644


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Note to editors :
Since its beginnings in 2014 the Ultra-Trail® World Tour has gradually expanded to include the most iconic and prestigious ultra-endurance trail running races around the world. From 10 events in 2014 the Ultra-Trail® World Tour now features 28 events from 20 countries and 6 continents. The original roster – which included races held in Hong-Kong, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Italy, USA, France and Switzerland – has now been joined by events in Croatia, Portugal, Austria, Canada, South Korea, China, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina and Oman

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