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  Wednesday, November 4, 2020
The Javelina Jundred closes the unparalleled 2020 Ultra-Trail® World Tour season

The 18th edition of the Javelina Jundred, often known as ‘Jalloween’, successfully took place over the weekend, marking the final event of the truncated 2020 calendar of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour. The organisers welcomed a total of 540 runners across the various formats of the event, who this year were predominantly American participants due to the ongoing international travel restrictions. The reduced capacity of runners did not however take anything away from the party atmosphere and wonderful arrays of fancy dress that the Javelina Jundred has become famous for.

Like all other races that have taken place since the outbreak of COVID-19 across the world, the Javelina Jundred organisers had to adapt the event to conform to a specific health and safety protocol as signed off by the local authorities. The runners set off in staggered waves, with the elite athletes embarking upon the 100-mile race at 6am on Saturday morning, and 30 hours maximum ahead of them to complete the distance, which comprised 5 loops of 32km each.

In the men’s competition, it was Tim Tollefson who dominated the majority of the race. After trailing behind Adam Dalton and Camille Herron during the initial stage, he had taken the lead by the 25k mark and kept it right until the end, with the other athletes never quite managing to catch his tail. At around the halfway mark, he was almost a full hour in front of the next closest runner, and eventually crossed the line with an incredibly fast time of 13:28:04. Nick Coury managed to gain some time in the second half of the race, claiming second place with a strong 14:09:48. Sean Van Horn rounded off the men’s podium, placing fifth overall just under two hours later in 16:01:10.

In the women’s race, local Phoenix athlete Nicole Bitter put in a remarkable performance, remaining strong and steady throughout, and never falling lower than third place among her fellow female competitors. Although it was world record-holder Camille Herron who had been leading for most of the race, Bitter made the perfect finish, overtaking both the 2nd and 1st women in the final two loops, and increasing her lead in the last 40k to an impressive 40 minutes. Bitter not only smashed it with her time, finishing with 15:17:47, but also ended up coming 3rd overall.

Following her and arriving in fourth position overall and second place in the women’s race, was Darce Clausura, who crossed the mark in 15:58:45. Kalil Demerjian, who ran smoothly and in a relaxed fashion throughout the race, closed the female podium with a time of 16:10:47, becoming the sixth athlete to cross the line.

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Podium Places:

Tim Tollefson - 13:28:04
Nick Coury - 14:09:48
Sean Van Horn – 16:01:10

Nicole Bitter - 15:17:47 
Darce Clausura - 15:58:45
Kalie Demerjian - 16:10:47

This year has been an extraordinarily different set of circumstances for us all to confront, not only in the world of trail running, but for all sporting events and wider communities around the globe. With this in mind, we are delighted to have still seen 7 events take place from the 28 originally scheduled for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2020 circuit, and witness such exciting competitions and records broken ensue. We wish to thank all the organisers for their hard work and efforts in ensuring the overall success and safety of each event, and stand with those who had to cancel their races for obvious reasons.

With the UTWT Virtual Club, communities can always come together on this new digital platform. The UTWT Virtual Club will feature an expanded calendar of virtual races designed by the events who form part of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour. These virtual races will offer different sporting formats to suit beginners and experienced trail runners alike and are now available at until the end of next year. We now look forward to 2021, where we hope to be able to return to a more complete circuit of events. Thank you for all the community spirit and solidarity you have shown for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour throughout this year and we hope to be back with you very soon.


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