WSER 100 – Winning combination of brains and brawn

Andrew Miller and Kaci Lickteig used winning combinations of brains and brawn to win the 2016 Western States 100 !



Contsant race lead changes and shake-ups, made this 43rd edition, spectacular !

Runners started saturday 25 th june at 5:00 am from Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, for a long, long, long… journey. The Western States Enduance Run, stepped in history, is truly the “Ultimate Challenge” in the U.S. for the long distance runner.

Stunning view - Western States 100- Mile Endurance Run

Stunning view – Western States 100- Mile Endurance Run


At just 20 years of age but with incredible maturity developed through six previous years of ultrarunning, Andrew Miller, wins the Western States Endurance Run in 15:39:36. He’s the youngest men’s winner ever at the race.

Andrew Miller - 20 years old - Winner of Western States 100-Mile / Credit Byron Powel

Andrew Miller – 20 years old – Winner of Western States 100-Mile / Credits Byron Powel

Didrik Hermansen takes second at the 2016 Western States Endurance Run in 16:16:10 and Jeff Browning surges to take the third in 16:30:40. Jeff was barely inside the top 20 in the first miles. But the dude is used to 100 miles and slow and steady, he raises into top ten and top 5 by mile 85 and then podium at mile 93.5. Jeff now has a couple dozen 100-mile finishes and is a true master of the second halves of races.


Didrik Hermansen - Byron Powell

Didrik Hermansen – 2nd in 16:16:08 / Credits Byron Powell

Jeff Browning - Byron Powell

Jeff Browning – 3rd in 16:30:40 / Credits Byron Powell

Women’s Race

Kaci Lickteig wins the race in 17:57:58. Ellie Greenwood and Ann Trason are the only women to have run Western States faster. Amy Sproston takes second in 18:54:45 and Devon Yanko the third in 19:10:08.

Kact Lickteig

Kaci Lickteig – 1st female in 17:57:59

Amy Sproston

Amy Sproston – 2nd in 18:54:44

Devon Yanko

Devan Yanko 3rd in 19:10:08


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Congratulations to all participants, volunteers and organizers !

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